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The mission of the Division of Surgical Oncology is to provide state-of-the-art surgical care to the patient with cancer. A wide variety of educational and support services are available for patients and their families as they go through a cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Our Surgical Oncologists specialize in breast cancer, melanoma, sarcoma, gastrointestinal malignancies, pancreatic cancers, colorectal cancers, hepatobiliary cancers, and endocrine tumors.  This high level of focused expertise allows for the use of specialized techniques that are appropriate for cancer patients. This includes sentinel node mapping for breast cancer and melanoma, peritoneal chemoperfusion for tumors which have advanced into the peritoneal cavity (peritoneal carcinomatosis), microwave ablation of tumors, advanced laparoscopic staging, biopsies, and tumor resections, and the placement of brachytherapy implants for focused radiation therapy treatments.

The Surgical Oncology service specializes in removing tumors through surgery and provides comprehensive management for patients with solid tumors. Surgical Oncologists have undergone additional specialty training in oncology, and offer the highest degree of specialization and expertise. They direct the preoperative evaluation, definitive operative treatment, and long-term postoperative care of patients.  They interact on a daily basis with the other disciplines within oncology including the medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and pathologists to discuss the most appropriate treatment for patients at each stage of their disease. Our patients benefit from discussion of their treatment plans in multidisciplinary conferences and from innovative treatment protocols and clinical trials. This combination of effort with focused expertise on each cancer provides the best chance for success in the fight against cancer.

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William G Cioffi, MD, FACS

Theresa A Graves, MD, FACS

Adam Klipfel, MD, FACS

Thomas J Miner, MD, FACS